Other Services


The consultation fee is $ 100.00
(Personal cheques are not accepted)

We accept credit cards VISA, Master Card, Discovery Card and American Express also "Care-Credit", Bank cheques, Money orders and cash.

The fee will be higher in complex cases

We don’t accept any insurance without referral by authorized PCP.

We accept insurances for out of network.

Dr. Reddy does not participate in any HMO or other Insurances.

The WORKMEN COMPENSATION INSURANCE is accepted on authorization by employer and / or insurance in writing.

The Auto insurance is accepted on authorization by insurance. The patient is responsible for bills if the Insurance denies payments for any reason.

For further details or clarifications, please, speak to manager of the office.

Independent medical examinations are performed by appointment only at the request of patient's Insurance or attomies. The prescribed fee has to be paid prior to the examination.

Patient is responsible for the bills for denial, deductible, Co-insurance amounts.

All cosmetic surgery fees are payable before surgery. Advance payment is required as “Deposit” for scheduling the surgery and full amount payment is accepted before surgery. The consultation fee is credited towards the surgery fee. The surgical fees for procedure will be discussed by the surgeon and the fee amount will be finalised by mutual agreement. The package fee will include hospital charges, anesthesia fee and pre operative blood test, chest x-ray, EKG and other necessary investigations.
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